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First order? Redeem your starter discount!

Redeem your 15% OFF starter discount if you are new to FacFox! There’s only one chance to get this discount for each member.

* FacFox Shop is not eligible for any coupons on this site.

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Grab your candy on holidays!

We release discounts on 1st of May, 1st of Oct, Halloween, Black Friday, Christmas and other common Chinese/Western holidays. Stay tuned with our social media!

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Share to unlock bonus everyweek!

We will post an article with coupon every 2 days, share the post and you will unlock the opportunity to get the stackable discount ranging from $1-5 USD.


Order again, save more!

Everytime you confirm the payment of the order, you will receive a coupon code for future orders, so don’t hesitate, upload and get your parts made!

* The actual manufacturing payment amount(shipping excluded) should be over $100, and this only applies to manual review orders.

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Invite friends, get mutual rewards!

Sharing is caring! Invite one user to register in our website, and you can both redeem a $5 coupon. What are you waiting for?

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Write testimonial, receive our big thanks!

If you find our service useful, let the world know your satisfaction! We will sent you a thank-you discount. Also it’s a good chance to bring awareness to your business.

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Share your result, win a prize!

If you choose to allow us to share photos of the manufactured parts to our blog/social media, you will receive a coupon code carrying our gratitude!

Don’t worry, your files remain confidential, we only share the images of the products UNDER YOUR PERMISSION 🙂

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