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Material Volume: cm3
Support Material Volume: cm3
Box Volume: cm3
Surface Area: cm2
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x x cm
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Total Path: cm
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SLS 3D printer
The reliable FDM printer for large and complex parts in high-performance plastics.
Off-white(ivory), smooth, cheap, but not durable.
More detailed than Generic Resin SD.
Off-white, durable, accurate, ideal for prototype and low volume products
Grey smooth resin, better stiffness and durability
Honeydew | 2-4 day | 0.1mm | More rigid than generic resin | Functional prototype
More detailed than Tough Resin SD(Grey).
More detailed than Tough Resin SD(Yellow).
Dark grey, durable and strong, withstands 90℃ (post-cured)
Light green, smooth and durable resin, more flexible than Tough Resin
White, smooth, awesome durablity and flexibility
Black, smooth and durable
White, smooth rubber-like resin, Shore 92A, not very durable
Dark purple | 2-3 day | 0.05mm | Detailed, smooth, ideal for jewelry casting
Translucent, smooth, might have scratches, not very durable
Transparent and smooth, can be tinted to other colors (enter in notes)
Translucent | 2-3 day | 0.05mm | Detailed, smooth, ideal for flexible parts
Translucent | 2-3 day | 0.05mm | Detailed, smooth, withstands 238℃
Ivory | 2-3 day | 0.05mm | Detailed, smooth, awesome rigidity
Grey | 2-3 day | 0.05mm | Detailed, smooth, awesome toughness
Orange, ultra smooth, ideal for intricate detailed model
Grey | 2-3 day | 0.05mm | Detailed, UL94- V0 flame retardant.
Black | 3-5 day | 0.1mm | Detailed and ESD
More detailed than Ultra Detail SD
Green, smooth and detailed, ideal for jewelry casting
More detailed than Castable Resin SD
White | granular, flexible, durable | 2-4 days
Black | granular, flexible, durable | 2-4 days
Grey | granular surface, durable | 3-5 days
Dark grey | granular, stiff, endures 200℃, durable| 3-5 days
Light grey | Granular, tougher than PA12 | 2-4 days
White | grainy, more flexible & durable than PA12 | 7-9 days
Off-white, granular surface, elastic rubber, Shore 92A, not detailed.
Black, granular surface, flexible & durable with good heat resistance
Black, granular surface, stiffer than PA12
Grey| 2-4 day | 0.08mm | Granular surface, elastic rubber, shore 88-90A | Functional prototypes, end products
Vibrant fullcolor, granular surface, fine flexibility and durability
5-8 day | 0.04mm | Sterilized, better corrosion & high-temp resistance than 304 | Functional parts
5-8 day | 0.04mm | Lightweight, strong | Functional parts
Flame retardant PC
Specify color in note! Cheap, rough, inaccurate but durable
Black, strong & flexible
Black, strong as metal, lightweight
Black, strong, endures 110℃
Brown, high strength, flame-retardant, endures 153℃
Brown, high strength, biocompatible, flame-retardant, endures 216℃
Ivory, UV resistant, durable
Light purple, smooth & detailed, quite delicate
Skyblue, extremely smooth & detailed, delicate
Vibrant fullcolor, granular surface, but quite delicate
Default color specified in material selection.
Grey · 灰
Amber · 黄褐色
White · 白
Black · 黑
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